Stuff I Love Unapologetically Part 2

I’m getting much better at sharing what I’m interested in since I wrote Stuff I Love Unapologetically, which was only two weeks ago. At least through writing anyway – I’m still working on being more open and honest with my interests when I speak to people in person. I know I’m writing a lot of blog posts, but I don’t have any set routines in my life right now, and getting a blog post out every weekday helps me to feel like I’ve achieved something. I’ve come up with some more stuff I like that I want to share.


  1. Hats

I wrote a whole post tracking the hats I’ve worn in my life last week and my blog is called Princess of Hats, but I forgot to include hats in my original list, so here it is! I love wearing fun, brightly coloured hats to keep me warm in the winter and shade the sun in the summer. My hats are the items of my clothing that have the most meaning to me.


  1. Theatre

I really enjoy going to the theatre to see different plays. It’s something I always try to budget for, even when I don’t have a lot of money. I’ve been doing a part-time marketing internship at a theatre and I’d like to continue to work at theatres in the future. There is always something interesting happening on stages, from musicals to spoken word, and traditional plays to immersive theatre.


  1. Merch t-shirts


I’ve realised recently that most of the t-shirts I own are some sort of merchandise. I like wearing clothes that I acquired at an event or that represent my interests. I’m able to take around my memories and the things I love throughout my day.


  1. Physical CDs

I still enjoy owning physical CDs. I think this is for similar  reasons as having merch t-shirts. I like having items that represent my interest in something. I’m more excited about music when I can hold it in my hands, I like seeing the artwork and if you meet the artist they can sign it.


  1. Slippers


I like to make sure that both my head and my toes stay fuzzy, so as well as hats I love a pair of slipper boots. I wear them all the time and on my semester abroad I remember trying to decide whether it was worth packing them, but I was glad I did as walking around my apartment in my slippers helped me to feel more at home. I love the cosy feeling on the inside and the bright colours and patterns on the outside.


  1. Tennis

I wrote a little bit about this in My Favourite Podcasts post, but Tennis is my favourite sport. I’m gripped by the one on one competition, I love watching a great shot and I find it fascinating how so much of it is about mental strength. I went to see some Tennis live at the O2 Arena last year and really enjoyed it and I’ve been trying to watch some of the Australian Open this week (time zones aren’t my friend).


  1. Notebooks from Paperchase

I’m definitely not the only person to appreciate a good Paperchase notebook. For a while I went through a period of getting plain A5 notebooks as I found that I was too nervous to write in a pretty notebook in case I regretted what I wrote, so I didn’t write as much. Now I’m converted back to getting beautiful notebooks. I’m trying to get ones where you can rip the pages out, but I also think I’ve become better at taking lots of random notes and worrying less about how messy it is (and if I’m that bothered, I write it in my phone).


  1. Barbecue Sauce

Move to the Southern USA to be converted on this one. I had a childhood love of ketchup but it’s been downgraded in favour of a barbecue sauce. Preferably smokey, but sweet is fine, meat feels naked without it.


  1. Hot Chocolate

This winter season I’ve taken a lot of comfort from hot chocolate. I don’t like coffee and I’m not a big tea drinker, so I used to drink hot chocolate when others ordered hot drinks, but I’ve recently come to appreciate hot chocolate for its own gloriousness. There is something healing about warmth, sweetness and huddling up with a mug full of cream and marshmallows.


  1. Converse trainers


I’ve had Converse trainers many different times and I know they’re not edgy, but I enjoy the bright colours and the design. There is a nice ritual to doing up the laces as they take longer to put on than other shoes. Similarly to bright nail polish, sometimes it’s fun to look at your feet in some bright shoes that you like.


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