Welcome to Princess of Hats!

I’m Sarah Newman: equal parts hat enthusiast and aspiring witty blogger.

My interests are eclectic: I’m an English graduate, a poet, an aspiring novelist, a reader, a podcast listener, a film watcher, a theatre-goer, a country music lover, a travel enthusiast, a musical fan, a feminist and a twenty-something. If any of those things sound interesting, you’re in the right place.

Most importantly, I love to write. I should have started a blog much earlier. But whatever happened before, I’m committed to writing honestly, writing regularly, and trying out new ways to write.

I’d also love to get to know my readers more, so I encourage you to comment on my posts. We’re likely to have something in common if you’ve stuck around. Make sure to click follow so you can view my posts in your WordPress Reader.

Where to Start

My blog flits between my interests, so look at the headings below to find what you’re interested in and have a read of whatever takes your fancy.

Learn more about me:

My Life In Hats – why my blog is called Princess of Hats, which hats they are, and why they matter to me.

Stuff I Love Unapologetically Parts One and Two – Whether it’s things I’ve always loved, guilty pleasures revealed, or new discoveries, find out more about me and my interests.

I made some New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. This gives a good idea of where I’m at in my life at the moment.

I’m an alumna of the Mouthy Poets, a performance poetry collective in Nottingham. Find out how the experience shaped me and why I owe it many Thank Yous.


I spent a semester abroad in the USA in 2014. Read an overview of where I travelled to in my spare time.

After graduating in 2015, I taught English at a school in India. Read an overview of the travelling I squeezed into my adventure. I spent a lot of my weekends in Delhi, so have a look at my guide to Delhi By Mood if you’re heading there soon.


Since my early teens I’ve been obsessed with musicals. Find out why and which have meant the most to me in My Life In Musicals. My current favourite is Hamilton, which I’m Going To See in March 2018 and I’m so excited!


I’m definitely not a film buff, but I love watching them. Here’s what I thought of the Films I Saw At The Cinema In 2016, and New Films I Want To See In 2017. I write film reviews, starting with my thoughts on La La Land.


I love listening to podcasts. Here are My Favourite Podcasts and discover how I started listening to them when I was teaching in India.

Live Theatre and Music:

Two of my passions are going to the theatre and hearing live music. Read about My Favourite Gigs and Shows in 2016 . Watch this space for what I’m seeing in 2017.


Some of my blog posts don’t fit easily into one of the above categories. I don’t let that stop me from writing!

I’m a tennis fan and I wrote about my thoughts on the 2017 Australian Open and why it felt particularly significant.

There was an art installation for Chinese New Year 2017 in Manchester called the Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors. Find out more and have a look at my photos.

What next?:

I’m hoping to post even more content on the above topics, plus some book reviews. There will be new content at least once a week. If you have any requests for a blog post, leave a comment!

Find Me On Social Media:

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, where I’m also Princess of Hats!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!



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